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coming soon to USA

Organic Bactericide and fungicide which builds plant's resistance against all pathologic fungi

organic plant flowering regulator which helps reduce environmental stress on plants

low concentration for gardens also proven effective on hydropoinics, and passive hydroponics

About us

What We Do..

Helping farming families increase production in a sustainable way, and sell more crops, is the most effective way to reduce hunger and poverty over the long term.



Increasing farm productivity

We support a comprehensive approach to helping smallholder farmers prosper that includes access to heartier seeds, more effective tools and farm management practices, locally relevant knowledge, emerging digital technologies, and reliable markets. We also advocate for agricultural policies that support farmers in their efforts to better feed themselves and their communities.


Agricultural products from around the world.

Our  aim as we reserch and develop new products and solutions is to generate sustained added value - for our Customers and for Consumers, as well as for our Company and its stakeholders. For Instance,farmers the world over face the challenge to protect their crops from petsts and diseases and, at the same time, achieve quality yields in a sustainable, affordable way. Innovation is essential to meet both their present and Future needs